Resources For Member Families With High School Students

Recent high school graduates and students about to begin summer classes have experienced a number of stressful changes to their plans for higher education.

As the pandemic has caused the loss of many jobs in the service and retail industries, and internships nationwide are canceled, students find themselves without the ability to finance or gain work experience alongside their studies, which have moved to web-based platforms.

Worthington National Bank Handled 303 PPP Loans Totalling of $36,894,000

As CEO of Worthington National Bank, we are proud of our experienced, customer-focused team. We operate under the strong belief that if we treat our employees right, they'll treat our customers right. As a result, I am pleased to announce that Worthington produced 303 PPP loans for a total of $36,894,000, with an average loan size of $121,761.  We were able to get 100% of our eligible customers into the end zone on this program.  And, we made some new customers.

Dallas-Fort Worth experts weigh in on what's next for commercial real estate

It's been over three months since most of North Texas began feeling the impact from the coronavirus pandemic. Since then, plenty has happened, but there is still a lack of clarity as we move forward on into the long Texas Summer.

As different segments of the area economy are being affected, the Dallas Business Journal checked in with Texas experts in retail, office and industrial real estate to share their thoughts about the current environment and what things could look like moving forward:

Employer Town Hall with TWC Commissioner Aaron Demerson

Workforce Solutions For Tarrant County’s Employer Town Hall with Texas Workforce Commissioner Aaron Demerson Representing Employers

As an employer, if you missed our Virtual Town Hall and Q&A Session on Thursday, April 23, 2020, you missed a plethora of valuable information. The following is the official Transcription from the Virtual Town Hall … hope you gain an idea or two ... and here's the video can be found on youtube.

Texas leads the country in most approved Paycheck Protection Program loans

Texas leads the country with the most approvals for the U.S. Small Business Administration’s Paycheck Protection Program as of April 13, according to SBA data obtained by the Texas Bankers Association.

Texas has approved 88,434 loans totaling $21.77 billion, as of April 13.

California followed behind Texas, having approved 54,922 PPP applications totaling $20.85 billion in loans, as of April 13. Florida ranked third, having approved 52,021 loans totaling $12.65 billion.

Workforce Solutions For Tarrant County JOBS NOW! 2020

Workforce Solutions for Tarrant County has shared some information for our Great Southwest Industrial Park businesses and residents during this uncertain time.

WSTC JOBS NOW! 2020 Page - We know that right now there is a growing need for work in our community. As Employers are contacting us with immediate job openings we are posting them to this page. Visit it at:

Annual College & Career Expo | AISD Dan Dipert Career + Technical High School

Tuesday, March 24, 2020 | 5:30pm - 8:00pm CANCELLED

Last year we had 42 businesses participate in Arlington ISD Dan Dipert Career + Technical Center's annual program, and 700 high school juniors & seniors attended.  This upcoming year, our goal is to grow the number of company participation and serve over 1,000 students.  Help us achieve that goal by signing up and participating in this event!

Unify Great Southwest Industrial Park

The Great Southwest Industrial Park is home to thousands of businesses and over 100 million square feet of industrial real estate.  Unfortunately, we are often too focused on our core businesses and day-to-day operations and, thus, the wealth of knowledge, experiences, shared concerns, and shared issues are sadly left untapped and unshared. 

The GSWIDA hopes to change this and be the conduit of information and resources to you.

Cities in Texas May No Longer Restrict Building Materials Approved in International Codes

     Most Texas cities have a sort of visual harmony when it comes to specific neighborhoods within the city. This is because most Texas cities have ordinances regulating the construction of commercial buildings and residential homes.  These ordinances are typically aimed at requiring specific construction methods or high-quality building materials.

Cultivating Business for Practiums | Arlington ISD Students

The Arlington Independent School District is now working to secure practicum opportunities for the upcoming 2020-21 school year, with the first placement of students in September 2020.

We invite your support to open up a practicum experience to offer job shadowing, mentoring and provide practical application experiences to participating students. The practicum will benefit AISD high school seniors who wish to have a learning experience in entry level and middle skill careers. Practicum opportunities can be made available either as paid or unpaid.

Street Light Outages | How to Report Industrial Park Outages

Did you know Street Lights in the Industrial Park are maintained by Oncor?

Oncor Street Light Outage Reporting Site

Now that sunset is 5:30 pm, many street lights are being reported to the City as being out and dark ... You and your staff are our eyes after dusk sets in the Industrial Park. 

Please encourage your night shift employees to be aware of those poles that are out and report directly to Oncor using one of the following links:

President's Message

GSWIDA, Here to Help

The economy has been and continues to soar.  Constant development and “Help Wanted” signs in front of every other building further illustrate the vast majority of firms throughout GSW remain confident on the future.  While growth and economic health is positive, there are always bumps in the road.  Did you know all the resources the GSWIDA has at your disposal?  Allow me to highlight a few.