President's Message

GSWIDA, Here to Help

The economy has been and continues to soar.  Constant development and “Help Wanted” signs in front of every other building further illustrate the vast majority of firms throughout GSW remain confident on the future.  While growth and economic health is positive, there are always bumps in the road.  Did you know all the resources the GSWIDA has at your disposal?  Allow me to highlight a few.

Road construction is EVERYWHERE.  Being late or having shipments delayed is not acceptable, but how to stay current with constantly changing construction projects?  At the last Board meeting Council Woman Victoria Farrar-Myers informed everyone the contractors are uploading construction schedules into the mobile driving app, Waze.  Download the free app and always be up to date!  We will continue to push time saving ideas like this we collect from our great Board Members.

Did you know Arlington and Grand Prairie officers join every board meeting to educate the membership?  A few key updates:
     ► Remind employees to remove valuables from plain site in cars as this is one of the top offenses right now.;
     ► APD recommends recording serial numbers of all merchandise to upload to after a theft.  By doing this we can recover property and catch thieves when they take it to a pawn shop;
     ► Does your company need help being prepared for an Active Shooter and/or want ideas on how to make your building safer?  Both GPPD and APD will visit your business and train your employees for FREE.  Our great officers are ready, willing and eager to help us protect our businesses.

Issue On Your Street? 
Sometimes there is a unique issue (city compliance, thefts, repair, trash, etc) effecting only one street or only a few businesses.  Don’t throw up your hands, call the GSWIDA.  If one of the City officials on the Board cannot solve your issue, the GSWIDA may take direct action with you.  To date we have fought a Sexually Oriented Business (SOB) from opening, increased mineral royalties 450%, reduced the cost for new backflow preventers, created street by street crime watches and much more.  Reach out to any board member for any issue you may have.  Mine is

The GSWIDA is committed to maintaining this industrial park as one of the best in Dallas/Fort Worth.  Whether your issue is big or small, the GSWIDA is here to help.  Please visit for updates throughout the Park and don’t hesitate to reach out to any Board member as needed. 

Thank you to our members for your continued support and thank you to all future members who want to keep our mission moving forward.

Jim Hazard
President, GSWIDA
Executive Vice President, esrp