Annual College & Career Expo | AISD Dan Dipert Career + Technical High School

News Date: 
02/10/2020 - 10:00am

Tuesday, March 24, 2020 | 5:30pm - 8:00pm CANCELLED

Last year we had 42 businesses participate in Arlington ISD Dan Dipert Career + Technical Center's annual program, and 700 high school juniors & seniors attended.  This upcoming year, our goal is to grow the number of company participation and serve over 1,000 students.  Help us achieve that goal by signing up and participating in this event!

Purpose for Employers:

• We want to connect our students to the careers that they are certified/ have hands-on experience in.
• We want to ensure that these highly qualified and experienced students find the best job in our own community to pursue a meaningful career straight out of high school.
• We want to provide every opportunity for our students.
• Students will be prepared for mini-interviews, with resume or portfolio in hand, allowing businesses time to meet with students interested and certified for employment in specific career fields.

What does this process look like for Employers?

• You will have a table to set up with your business paraphernalia, banners, etc.
• During the EXPO, junior and senior-level high school students will look for businesses that fit their experience or career aspirations.
Students will have the opportunity to present a resume/portfolio and talk with representatives from their businesses of interest.
• This is a two part event, with the College Fair section separated from the Career/Hiring section. Both are immediately visible from the main entrances.

Employers can then:

• Conduct a mini-interview, just have a conversation with students, or hand out further details about their business or about the jobs available.
• If you cannot offer jobs on the spot (which most cannot) ..... you might pass out information to highly qualified candidates about the next steps in pursuing employment.
• Example: online instructions, email address to express interest, or you might take down their information and follow up with them.

For more information, contact:
Kari M. Winter
Practicum Specialist
Arlington I.S.D. Dan Dipert Career + Technical Center
Office: 682-867-9541